Lirik Lagu White Lion – Broken Heart

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Lirik Lagu “Broken Heart” Lirik Lagu Dinyanyikan Oleh White Lion Di Repost Pada Tanggal 07 Februari 2018 Oleh ADMIN MUSIKMP4.COM

Lirik Lagu White Lion – Broken Heart

Here I stand, all alone
Trying to fight the pain from a
Broken heart
Why she left me? I don’t know
It really doesn’t matter anymore
I thought our love could
Last forever
But here I stand lost and all alone

Start a new day, but not alone
I’m gonna break away
From this broken heart
I’ll meet a woman. I’m
Gonna take her home
Where I’ll pick all the pieces
And start all over again
I know that life will be much
Cause I know the light will shine again

[Chorus:] There is life even after a broken heart, broken
You can fight the pain from a broken heart
Broken heart

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